Not even a Bounty could stop Kyle LeDuc from sweeping the Pro-4 class of Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Round 9 and 10 at Glen Helen. Saturday’s Race was all but easy for Leduc as he lost his leading position to Carl Renezeder. With only two laps to go LeDuc regained the lead and held onto it to the checkered flag earning him his 9th win for the season!!

Howe Performance Pro-4 System
P# 110 2.75 x 6.0 Travel Power Rack W/S 1.5:1
P# 229 T-Hi Vol Pump Aluminum1650 KR Series Shaft -9,-12 JIC
P# 225-1101 External Relief Valve
P# 725 Hi- Flow Inline Control Valve
P# 1017 Reservoir 4.0 x6.0 w/ 4.0 Filter -10,-12 JIC
P# 1150 In-Line Cooler 3.0 Diameter x 12.0

Round 9 Friday Pro-4:

1st Kyle LeDuc #99
2nd Rob MacCachren #21
3rd Doug Fortin #96

Round 10 Saturday Pro-4:

1st Kyle Leduc #99
2nd Carl Renezeder #1
3rd Ricky Johnson #48