Career highlights:

2005 Dirtsports Driver of the Year 2011 3rd WE Rock Series 2005 UROC Series Champion 2011 2nd WE Rock Nationals 2006 WE Rock Series Champion 2012 1st JRCA Rockcrawl (Japan) 2006 XORRA Series Champion 2013 1st Ultra4 (west) Series 2007 2nd Place Rockcross Champion 2013 23rd King of the Hammers 2007 WE Rock Grand National Champion 2013 2nd Place Ultra4 National Champion 2007 2nd Place XORRA Series 2013 DirtSports “Rookie” of the Year 2008 WE Rock Grand National Champion 2014 15th King of the Hammers 2008 “KING” of the Hammers 2008 XORRA National Champion 2009 XORRA Series Champion 2009 XORRA National Champion 2010 2nd Place WE Rock Series 2010 XORRA National Champion 2010 6th Place Series BITD 2011 “KING” of the Hammers 2011 Ultra4 Series Champion 2011 1st Place JRCA Rockcrawl (Japan) 2012 3rd Place King of the Hammers 2012 1st Place JRCA Rockcrawl (Japan) Spotter 2013 2nd Place Ultra4 (East) Series 2013 2nd Place King of the Hammers 2013 Ultra4 National Champion